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The Talented crew  at Model City Ink are dedicated to continuing to push their artistic limits to new depths and discoveries. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will always be your sounding board for your next piece of Custom Body Art. We do not pull flash off the wall or give you anything less than our very best. Whether it be freehand , black and gray, color bombs or full color cover-ups, from the simple to the most challenging, our crew has you covered, with a new Tattoo or Body Piercing... Stop in and see us, you won't be disappointed.

Percy Waters, Model City Ink, Tattoo History

The History of the location

Continuing to add to the long history of Tattooing, Model City Ink is doing their part.... In 1917 the history of not just this town, but tattooing was changed by a local Anniston man by the name of Percy Waters. Born in Anniston in 1888, Waters is reported to have started his tattooing career with the traveling sideshows that rolled through the area in the early 1900's. He continued on his path in the area, tattooing locals and sideshow people until 1917. It is reported that Waters tattooed the daughter of a noted local family. One of the founding members of Anniston. Percy was then given a choice, goto jail or get out of town.

From Anniston, Waters ended up in New York for a time, reportedly learning more of the craft from the famed Charlie Wagner. From New York, Waters then ended up in Detroit, where history was made. During his time in Detroit Waters submitted a patent for a new design on the classic tattoo machine. Marketing his upgrade, he also started a worldwide tattoo supply business that became one of the largest in the world.

Unknown to Waters at that time, Anniston had gone to some lengths to make sure that "unsuspecting young ladies" were never tempted into the treacherous confines of a tattoo parlor again. The city enacted a ban against tattoo establishments that covered the entire business district of Anniston. From what is now known as Lenlock to around the E street area, the city refused to allow a tattoo establishment to open its doors.

Since 1917, there  have been many attempts to open reputable shops in the downtown area of Anniston. None were allowed by city ordinance.

Even when Waters died in 1952 and was buried right here in Anniston, a tattoo establishment was not allowed in the business district of the city. That changed in 2017.. 100 years after this ban was placed, the owner of Model City Ink approached the city about a change. After three years of planning, in October of 2017 Model City Ink proudly opened their doors at 401 Quintard Ave in Anniston. Just a few blocks from the last known location of Waters old location on Wilmer Ave.

Housed in a commercially renovated historic home overlooking the downtown area, Model City Ink purchased, then upgraded this almost 100 year old home into a sophisticated, clean, Health department approved tattoo establishment.

Continuing along the lines of Waters motto, Just good tattoos, Model City Ink continues to educate and promote tattooing in a new age. We maintain a professional and friendly attitude and adhere to the newest sanitary and safety standards in the tattoo industry. So, here's to another 100 years of good tattooing..... R.I.P. Mr. Waters. We hope you like how things have gone......

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